New Edition Now Available November 15 2012

The new Mortimer and Jenkins print will be available November 17th.

Mortimer and Jenkins was first created in 2006 as a large scale hand carved woodblock print. The image is a dark and whimsical depiction of human nature; two skeletons, fashioned in ragtag battle armor pieced together from pots, pans, and other household wreckage, continue to battle, even in death.

The imagery is a direct reference to the James McNeill Ensor painting “Skeletons Fighting Over the Body of a Hanged Man”. It is currently the only piece by Swoon which is a direct adaptation of an historical work.

The piece’s title comes from the two re-engineered car motors that powered the seven rafts of the Miss Rockaway Armada down the Mississippi River from 2006- 2007.

Here, Mortimer and Jenkins has been translated into a richly toned steel plate etching and printed on archival cotton rag paper in an edition of 45 printed in New York.