Alison The Lacemaker


4 color silkscreen on handmade tea stained jute paper
20" x 26.5"
Signed edition of 125  *Limit one per person
*Handmade paper occasionally varies in tone and texture
Alison the Lacemaker, one of the Swoon’s most iconic portraits which debuted over ten years ago at the artist’s eponymous New York solo show with Jeffrey Deitch, is presented here as a  beautifully vivid multicolor and metallic gold 4 color silkscreen on handmade tea-stained jute paper.
 Swoon's description of Alison the Lacemaker:
 “When I’m drawing a portrait, I will often have an art-historical reference somewhere in my mind. It’s usually not that I set out to make a reference; just that when I’m drawing, I’ll find a similarity in spirit or composition and let it keep the portrait company while I’m drawing. For Alison the Lacemaker, I was drawing a portrait of my friend sewing when Vermeer’s Lacemaker emerged as a natural muse. The portrait is in honor of theLacemaker, but also a separate nod to the ability of early European woodcut masters—like Jost Amman in his noted depiction of Adam and Eve—to tell such poignant stories about the knowledge of our own mortality.”

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